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Jun. 28, 2012
Technic Pack
This classic mod features many contraptions like cars & airplanes. You can mine new ores like ruby, sapphire, emerald, tin, copper, uranium, & this weird purply stuff, that's not obsidian though! There is new types of villages too. Norman, Mayan, Japanese, and different kinds of these; especially Norman. Villagers can fight with each other too. There is also rubber trees. If you craft 1 piece of rubber wood, you get 8 sticks! Plus those trees do not catch on fire. I actually built my house in one! The trunks are thick! You can also mine marble and use it as a decoration. At night there is a lot of monsters, even regular mobs with armor! Different kinds of crafting tables, furnaces, and new tools help you beat the game. You can save data on a computer, inside the game. Mo Creatures are hard to beat. This mod is the easiest to download! Just search technic pack and go to the website and every time you want to play it, download it. OK, now it is time for our trick of the day. You need no mod! Try smelting regular wood. You get charcoal. Charcoal isn't in the inventory on creative. You can use it as a replacement for coal.
Jun. 29, 2012
Too Many Items Mod
This mod gives you unlimited of every item. Combine it with other mods and you get unlimited special items too! Even some items that you've never heard of like strongholds. You get unlimited mob spawners. Cool, right? The best part is you can play on survival and feel like you're playing on creative. OK, now it's time for the trick of the day. An unlimited cobblestone making contraption. You need no mod! All you do is dig out a row of 4 blocks. Put water on one end digging out the third block from where you put the water. Put lava on the other end and you've got a cobblestone making machine.
Jun. 30, 2012
TNT Mod No. 1
There are several TNT mods. This TNT mod features C4-TNT. That can blow up a 200 block mountain! You can also time TNT. OK, now it's time for the trick of the day. The trick is the unlimited-item spawner trap. You need no mod. Learn more on You Tube.
Jul. 1, 2012
Spleef Mod
This mod is where you have an arena in a game called SPLEEF. Learn more on You Tube. The trick of the day is using shears to get leaves. You need no mod. Just use shears on leaves.